Scapa Flow

Blinkbonny looks out over the north eastern corner of Scapa Flow to where HMS Royal Oak was torpedoed in October 1939 by U47, which resulted in the building of the Churchill Barriers and the construction of the Italian Chapel on Lamb Holm by Italian prisoners of war who were working on the project.

In 1917 HMS Vanguard was destroyed by an internal explosion. In 1919 the German High Seas Fleet was interned in Scapa Flow and scuttled in June 1919. Seven large ships remain at the bottom and are of great interest to scuba divers.

Scapa Flow is today home to the Flotta Oil Terminal and frequent visiting naval vessels as well as varied wildlife including wintering wildfowl, otters and occasional whale. There are many fines views of from the various viewpoints.

HMS Hampshire
HMS Royal Oak
German Fleet 1919
SMS Bayern sinking 1919
Churchill Barriers from north
Barrier #3
Italian Chapel
Italian Chapel
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