Food and Drink in Orkney

Food production is probably the biggest industry in Orkney. Apart from the traditional high quality beef for which Orkney is justifiably renowned, Orkney's farmers also produce milk which is used to make Orkney Cheese and Orkney Ice Cream, as well as excellent lamb. All cattle and sheep are grass-fed.

Shellfish , whitefish and crustacea are other important products, as are farmed salmon, Sea Trout and now Halibut. Orkney Pickled Herring makes a delicious starter.

Baked products include Orkney oatcakes, shortbread and bere bannocks - made from the old-fashioned bere barley.

Highland Park malt whisky is well known throughout the world. The Visitor Centre is only a short distance from the Guest House and is a very good starting point for the visitor. Orkney Brewery makes a variety of beers and lager at the brewery in Sandwick.

A wide variety of fruit and vegetables are also grown locally, both in field and under cover.

The visitor to Orkney is thus assured of a wide selection of locally-grown food products.

Residents of Blinkbonny are fortunate that one of the best restaurants in Orkney, the Foveran, is just across the road. It is only one of the many excellent eating establishments in Orkney, from chip shops to first class restaurants, all of which take a pride in using local produce and pleasing their customers.

A selection of dishes from Orkney restaurants
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